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Key West, Florida Tour Bookings

Island T'ing
Starting from USD $72 per person
A snorkeling, kayak and catamaran adventure! This one of a kind experience in Key West lets you enjoy all that the island and its waters have to offer. Explore the mangroves from your own kayak, snorkel the crystal waters, or just soak up the sun. Bring your towel, sunscreen, bathing suit, sunglasses, and hat, and just enjoy!
Special Offer - Price displayed currently includes a discount off the normal retail price - BOOK NOW!

Old Town Trolley Tours of Key West 1 day pass
Starting from USD $22 per person
See the best of Key West first, on the Old Town Trolley! Sit back while expert tour guides turn back the pages of history to the days of Indians, pirates, wreckers and the Civil War. This hop on hop off tour allows you to see all the sights of Key West at your own pace! Don't just visit Key West... Relive It® on the Old Town Trolley.

Dolphin Watch and Snorkel
Starting from USD $49 per person
Get in touch with nature’s friendliest mammals on this relaxing Dolphin Watch and Snorkel. Delight in cruising along beside the dolphins, and then begin your snorkel in the backcountry nursery among many varieties of small fish. Don't waste your precious vacation time trying to figure out which cruise to take... Book online now!

The Caribbean Spirit - Sunset Sail
Starting from USD $33 per person
You want the best - so here it is! Sail off into the sunset on this picturesque journey through the islands surrounding Key West. Unwind as you lounge on the spacious sundeck, sipping wine and watching the colors of the setting sun change before your eyes. This is a great way to end the day and start the evening!

Single Parasailing
Starting from USD $40 per person
Float up on your own for a gull’s eye view of your favorite small town, Key West! This quick flight gives you everything you want from your vacation - the sun, the water, the sea breeze, and the feeling of absolute freedom, high above all your cares. You won’t want to come down!

Key West Island Passport 1 day pass
Starting from USD $60 per person
For those on a tight schedule, seeing Key West in one day is a perfect solution! You will have the opportunity to visit 5 different attractions, while also receiving shopping discounts, the Bone Island Shuttle, and your choice of the Conch Tour Train which focuses on Old Town with stops in Mallory Square and the Historic Seaport, or the Old Town Trolley Tour which makes 14 stops enroute, so you can disembark along the way.

Dry Tortugas Ferry
Starting from USD $100 per person
Dry Tortugas National Park is the last of the Florida Keys and a remote treasure. Named after the turtles that made the island its home, there is so much to see and do! Explore historic Fort Jefferson (the "Gibraltar of the Gulf"), relax in the sunshine, speed across the waters, and see live turtles in their natural state. Many tours are sold out in advance, so avoid disappointment by booking early

Ghost Walking Tour
Starting from USD $15 per person
An unforgettable evening in Key West awaits! Prepare for a lantern-led, one mile stroll through the shadowy streets and lonely lanes of Key West's Old Town. Discover the dwelling places of ghosts, ghouls and benevolent protectors. Learn the stories behind many of the legends of our haunted island paradise. A tour not to be missed!

Full Day Power Adventure
Starting from USD $107 per person
Look no further for the tour that offers it all. Snorkel in the clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico.. kayak through mangroves.. burn up some adrenaline on a powerful waverunner before taking to the skies for a parasail. Whether you want to relax and soak up the sun or have a fun-filled day out, this is the tour for you!

Conch Tour Train
Starting from USD $22 per person
For a unique way to see the sights and sounds of Key West, you can't go past this train ride through time. Be taken back to the days before civilization, when fierce Indians left their enemy's bones to bleach in a tropical wilderness, naming the island Bone Key. Come and discover historic Key West today!

The Reef Express - Reef Snorkeling
Starting from USD $33 per person
There are lots of cruises for you to choose from in Key West, but we've done the hard work, and chosen the best ones for you! Become one with nature, as you swim in the warm clear waters, amongst schools of tropical fish. Snorkel over colorful corals, starfish, queen conchs, and much more in this protected marine sanctuary. For a memorable day in Key West, be sure you don't 'miss the boat'!

Dry Tortugas National Park and Fort Jefferson
Starting from USD $119 per person
The Dry Tortugas Islands were discovered by Ponce De Leon in 1513 when he sighted over 100 sea turtles swimming in the seas surrounding the 7 islands. Fort Jefferson is located on one of these islands and was initially designed to serve as a defense for the United States back in 1812. Today, you can relive the history and beautiful scenery of these islands, whilst enjoying snorkeling, beach walks and a guided tour of the historic fort. A day out not to be missed!

The Caribbean Spirit - Snorkel Trip
Starting from USD $38 per person
Climb aboard the 'Caribbean Spirit' for a day of fun in the sun.. Immerse yourself in warm tropical waters teeming with colorful fish and spectacular coral. Relax and enjoy the serenity of the outdoors while you catch a few rays on the spacious sundeck with a cool drink in your hand. Whether you are a first timer or an old hand at snorkeling, this is an experience you just can't miss.

Tandem Parasailing
Starting from USD $74 per flight
Parasail in Paradise! Experience the exhilaration of floating high above the water. You won't believe the views - the blues and greens of the Gulf of Mexico, the palm trees, and all your favorite Key West haunts from high above. This may be the best way to see the Keys!

The Reef Express - Snorkel Sunset Combo Cruise
Starting from USD $38 per person
Enjoy an afternoon snorkeling on a living coral reef, where shallow waters make this area perfect for beginners or experts. You'll see colorful coral, a wide variety of tropical fish, queen conchs, starfish and much more in this protected marine sanctuary. Don't waste your precious vacation time trying to figure out which cruise to take... Book online now!
This tour is seasonal and only operates from 1 April to 15 September, 2005

Schooner Western Union Daytime Sail
Starting from USD $43 per person
Cruise onboard Schooner Western Union and learn about the history of the last wooden sailing vessel built in Key West. Able hands are needed to raise the sails and take the helm, so be prepared to help out onboard! This sailing vessel has endured high stake espionage run-ins with Cuban gun boats, tumultuous hurricanes, and efforts to dismantle her, but still sails today!

Women's Champagne Sunset Cruise
Starting from USD $38 per person
Glide off into the sunset on this women-only cruise. The setting sun will embrace you in this unique, open environment, so let your hair down! Sip champagne, meet new friends and watch the world famous Key West sunset. If you’re lucky, you'll see the illusive green flash in the day's last light.

Key West Stargazer Cruise
Starting from USD $49 per person
Set course on a celestial tour of the heavens with your guide, Joe Universe. The historic flagship of Key West, Schooner Western Union offers evening tours to see your birth sign, discover how ancient mariners navigated by the stars, touch an authentic meteorite, explore the stars and moon by following a laser beam through the heavens.

Key West City Passport 1 day pass
Starting from USD $123 per person
For those wanting to see it all, this is the passport for you! With this package you will save on fun, food and excitement in the southernmost city. There's a multitude of attractions for you to visit, and don't worry about a car - this package also includes the transport! Choose between the Old Town Trolley which makes 14 stops so you can disembark along the way, or you can travel aboard the Conch Tour Train, which focuses on Old Town.

Schooner Western Union Sunset Sail
Starting from USD $53 per person
Sail by sunset on the tallest and most historic ship constructed in Key West! Be in awe as the sun melts into the sea. Music on board is a seafaring tradition so allow yourself to be serenaded by a musician or two, wandering the decks playing old sea shanties. Don't be afraid to make a request. This isn't a ride, it's the experience of a lifetime!

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