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Tampa Tour Reservation

Moonllight Sail
Starting from USD $40 per person
A full moon shining on the ocean is definitely one of planet earth's greatest gifts and now you have the opportunity to experience it first-hand! Sail into the darkness aboard the Kai Lani with an experienced crew who will teach you the finer points of astronomy, dolphin behavior and sailing. Sit back and immerse yourself in the night sky, seemingly full of diamonds that twinkle far above. Definitely a night to remember!

The Florida Aquarium
Starting from USD $16 per person
Experience The Florida Aquarium and see why it's rated among the top aquariums in the world. You will see thousands of sea animals and plants, including live sharks and rays in a touch pool. Dive shows and 'behind the scenes' tours are included in the entry price!
Special Offer - Price displayed currently includes a discount of 10% off the normal retail price - BOOK NOW!

Get Married on Vacation
Starting from USD $525 per package
You're going to Florida, and you want to get married, but how do you start to organise it? We have your answer right here! Imagine standing with your loved one, at sunset on a beautiful Florida beach. Simple, classy and elegant! What more can you want?

Dolphin Cruise
Starting from USD $30 per person
Come share the adventure of a 2 hour cruise on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. Sail by Sand Key Park on your way towards Clearwater Beach where you will search for dolphins and then make your way along the coast. For a memorable day in Florida, be sure to book this tour!

Sunset Cruise on the Gulf of Mexico
Starting from USD $30 per person
Every evening, Kai Lani leaves on its sunset cruise off Clearwater's scenic coast. A few minutes out, the noise and bustle of the beach are just a memory as the sun begins to set below the horizon. Relax on board as you sip your drink and maybe even spot a dolphin or two. This is the perfect way to end the day and start your evening!

Stargazing Sail
Starting from USD $40 per person
On dark (moonless) nights, Mother Nature blesses us with her boundless beauty. She puts on a show for the leeward shore that includes views of constellations, the Milky Way, other galaxies, planets, and seasonal meteor showers that are breath taking and phenomenal

Sun Sail
Starting from USD $30 per person
Whether you prefer lying in the sun or sitting in the shade, you can't go past this relaxing cruise! What could be better than lazing on board this 50 foot catamaran, while sipping a delicious cold drink, listening to Jimmy Buffet and island music and having a cool ocean breeze brush past you? Book now to experience the beauty and tranquility of Clearwater Beach!

3 Hour Luncheon and Sightseeing Cruise
Starting from USD $16 per person
Spend a lazy afternoon aboard this luxury yacht for an enjoyable sightseeing cruise on Tampa Bay. Unwind on board the spacious deck, while watching the spectacular scenery and the crystal waters below. Relax in comfort and listen to the Captain narrate the local points of interest.

Dinner and Dance Cruise
Starting from USD $16 per person
Enjoy dinner with an ever changing view of beautiful Tampa Bay, a feast for your eyes, and your palate. Afterwards, dance the night away, or watch the stars sparkle on the water, while the captain and crew make your night one to remember. This popular tour sells out, so don’t miss the boat.

Dixieland Jazz Cruise
Starting from USD $16 per person
Journey to the turn of the century on this musical adventure. Dine and dance while the crew treats you to a special day of live Dixieland jazz and tasty treats. Sail an authentic paddleboat through the crystal waters of Florida’s Gulf Coast and leave your worries on shore.

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